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Firefighters by Paul Kerrebijn

Firefighters by dutch artist Paul Kerrebijn.

Paul Kerrebijn is a true dutch artist. Through his work he is connected to the core of real life. He is down to earth in his approach and he dives deep into the subject he works on.
Thanks to his professional approach he is very well connected to many important trades of the region he lives and works in: The dutch west including the harbours of Rotterdam.

Firefighters and other official public forces like the police force and the armed forces including the dutch navy. Paul is well connected and well informed. He can feel from within.
This connection to things speaks and his art is full of life. The real life. You might believe that Paul is a firefighter who started painting but he is not. He is an artist with a superb
perception and an amazing ability to translate real life into art.

Growing up in Rotterdam Paul must have seen the unique Ahrens Fox Fire Engines on the job. As a young man he must have found inspiration in the hard work of the firemen and
as a driven artist he will have found the respect of the firebrigades and the city officials he works for. 

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Mug Ahrens Fox Fire Engine 1927

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Poster Print - Paul Kerrebijn - Fire-engine

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