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Van Gogh Confirmed!

Oslo, Norway: The Nationalmuseet confirms:
After 50 years of uncertainty the 'Van Gogh' painting is now finally confirmed to be a real 'Van Gogh'.

Clickit - grip & stand


With CLICKIT we add a customizable smartphone accessory to our product-range.

Many smartphone users are looking for a safer and more practical way to hold and to place their valuable smartphone. The attachable CLICKIT is a multi-functional add-on to your smartphone that will enhance the practicality significantly.

Case for Apple iPhone 11, 11Pro & 11 Pro Max


Now available for production is the case for the Apple iPhone 11, Apple iPhone 11 Pro and for the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The quality standards for our cases are very high. Only after extensive research and development a new model is released into our range. New cases for the next generaton smartphone are tested and reviewed extensively. All this to make sure that the cases we provide are simply superb.

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The products in our store can be devided in two categories:

A) On-demand printed products
B) In volume produced goods

Let us look at on-demand printed products in this article:
Thanks to special production techniques, the range of merchandise products that can be manufactured in a 1-piece quantity is ever growing. This is what we call an on-demand produced merchandise product. The most important advantage is, of course, the fact that you do not have to stock any costly products with a design. We manufacture and / or print the product as it is ordered by a customer. 

Making use of facilities all over the world, we can provide top quality merchandise manufacturing. Where ever possible we will finish the ordered product close to the end-customer's home location. By doing so we are ensuring low shipping costs, short shipping times and a small footprint when it comes to the shipping of your merchandise goods to your customers.

The quality of on-demand merchandise:
We are very proud of the high standards in print and product quality that we can meet. In many cases much research has been undertaken to ensure this.

See our listing of on-demand production products right here.

If you consider working with us or if you have any questions regarding product quality of product range, please feel free to contact us.

Apparel and merchandise with screen printing

With our Custom Screen Printing and our world wide shipping service we can provide in top quality branded products. We create customized items in small or large quantity depending on your needs. Via our platform your items will be available to your fans.

Awesome merchandise is created with good quality base products. This can be a t-shirt or a hoody, but it can also be a product other than a garment. Together with our partners we create the portfolio of products that fits the needs of their fans.

The produced quantity is held stock in our warehouse and will be shipped to the fan on ordering. If you have any questions on our Custom Screen Printing of merchandise, please contact us.